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These 3 Hair Colors Are HUGE Right Now

Hues that will make you want to dye your hair immediately


We’re not sure if it’s the warming temperatures, the pastel shades invading our fav stores or the floral porn all over our Insta right now, but we’re feeling all kinds of spring. And a new season usually sparks a kind of Pavlovian response in us toward changing up our hair. New cuts, yes, but mostly color — all the color. Don’t get us wrong — we don’t believe in the whole “a new season requires you to go darker/lighter/whatever-er.” No, we’re talking about embracing the spirit of change by spicing up your stands, and thanks to a recent boom of coloring techniques, there’s no better time than the present to get your ‘do done. 

As with most important life choices, we look to celebrities and our fav Instagrammers for guidance, and we’ve pooled together all the necessary star power to determine the top three hues for your locks this season. 

1. Blorange 

One of the newest hair color trends on the scene is dubbed ‘blorange,’ and it’s exactly what it sounds like: A combo of blonde and orange that results in a sherbet pink color that would look good on just about any complexion!

2. Ice Blonde

It’s a scientific fact: Going blonde will forever and ever be a way to have more fun. Going ice blonde, however, is a category all on its own. The difference between ice blonde and blonde? Tone. Ice blonde is cold; blonde warm. Ice blonde is truly white, and the hue has seriously taken both the runway and the red carpet by storm. 

3. Neon Green

After Kylie Jenner debuted neon green hair at Coachella, the highlighter shade has definitely been having a moment. This color is a magical hue that somehow matches with absolutely nothing but quite possibly everything. So, don’t stress about changing your wardrobe palette to match this electric hair. Neon green hair should be rocked with confidence and a big middle finger to the standard rules of beauty and color theory.