Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Self-Care Routine

The surprising ways the pandemic has shifted the lifestyle guru’s lifestyle.


It’s clear that the pandemic has changed the way we look at self-care. For many in quarantine, some self-care methods that we were accustomed to are off-limits, and there’s been more time at home than ever. For the past year, we’ve been bombarded with self-care tips from the early days of learning languages and the fluffy coffee phase to things that, in any other time, would be obvious-- like going outside or getting out of your pajamas. Self-care has evolved and looks different for everyone during these unusual times.

So, what about Gwyneth Paltrow, the queen of elaborate self-care, herself? Since the launch of her lifestyle and wellness company, Goop, in 2008, Paltrow’s name has become synonymous with unorthodox, expensive, pseudoscience-ridden, out-of-the-box takes on wellness. Neither “accessible” nor “down-to-earth” are terms that come to mind. So, it comes as a surprise that Paltrow has pared down her routine, and her go-to pandemic pampering may actually be... doable. Paltrow told The Straits Times that she now starts every morning with 20 minutes of meditation. Furthermore, she said “At the end of the day, I have a bath for about 20 minutes, and that’s my ‘me time.’ I love to put in essential oils and salts, light a candle, and just zone out for a little bit. It’s hard to try anything new when you’re stuck at home.” 

Early this week on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Paltrow revealed that Cardi B’s WAP has been her go-to song when she’s feeling down. So, it seems like Covid has Paltrow getting uncharacteristically high scores in the relatability department. She told The Hollywood Reporter “Human connection, really staying close to the people you love, has kept me sane through this whole thing.” Can’t argue with that kind of self-care. Maybe sometimes stars really are like us.


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