Grimes Teases New Song ‘Shinigami Eyes’ and Podcast ‘Home Techno’

The musician shared her up-and-coming projects with fans on Discord.


Grimes has shared new music with fans - featuring a track titled 'Shinigami Eyes' a reference to Japanese manga Death Note and the experimental eye surgery the artist underwent in 2019 to eliminate all blue light from her vision. 

The minute-long snippet was shared during a live-stream launch event for the ‘Grimes Metaverse Server’ on Discord. The musician teased her appearance on the site in early June, sharing a visual post on Twitter with the words ‘Shinigami Eyes’ written in binary code. 

Grimes also discussed a future podcast with her friend and photographer Liv Boeree. The podcast would be titled ‘Home Techno’ according to the star and said to discuss their favorite topics, utopian futures and artificial intelligence. 

The musician has been busy recently, starring in Doja Cats music video for the single 'Need to Know' as an alien babe on an intergalactic night out and dressing as Princess Peach for an SNL appearance with partner, Elon Musk. Grimes has also suggested new music with EDM DJ Chris Lake, although there’s been no release date for the track or ‘Shinigami Eyes’. This new material would be the first since the musician dropped ‘Miss Anthropocene’ in February 2020.  

Listen to the 'Shinigami Eyes' teaser below. 


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