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Grimes Drops Powerful New Single ‘Violence’

Electro-Pop fights back.


The Canadian pop-star has returned with a new banger called, ‘Violence.’ The electro-pop tune features a powerful kick-drum and a synth-arpeggiated baseline, that the star dances to in ethereal costume. Yeah, it is as dope as it sounds!


Grimes hinted at the new song on her Insta two days ago, when she posted a graphic, gothic image of a globe spilling with blood. The caption, ‘A New Way To Die,’ was previously believed to be the title, so fans were surprised to hear that ‘Violence’ was the name of the new track.

‘Violence’ features the electronic producer i_o, who is also rumored to have worked on other tracks from Grimes’ upcoming album, Miss Anthropocene. As of yet, no release date has been confirmed for the album. 

Previously described by the artist on her Insta, as a “concept album” about “the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate change,” the new music video suggests some gender politics might be on Grimes’ mind as well.

In the track’s music video, Grimes leads an all-female cast in ethereal costume, punctuated by gas masks and swords, as she emulates warfare through abstract choreography and reads from The Art Of War. Is Grimes fighting back against the war on women? If she is, where do we sign up to join her army? 

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