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Gossip Sites Have Love On The Brain Over Rihanna And A$AP Rocky

Fenty Beauty Release, A New Album And A New Beau?


While shes not releasing music (come on! We want the album) Rihanna has been killing it with Fenty Beauty! There was little in the news about her personal life until the past few weeks, as gossip sites battle to figure out what is going on after Rihanna was spotted with A$AP Rocky.

Let’s lay the cards on the table. Since late 2016, Rihanna had been dating Hassan Jameel, but it has been confirmed that this is no longer the case. Like a game of chinese whispers it was reported that Rihanna spent New Year’s in New York with A$AP Rocky. ‘US Weekly’ reported that the pair were just friends. THEN ‘The Sun’ declared the two were dating but there was no official label due to Rihanna’s breakup still being fresh. Next to join in on the gossip was ‘E! News’ who fired back that they were JUST FRIENDS. Got it?

Regardless, We love Rihanna and are sure that she is happy with whatever is going on. And come on people! It’s 2020, guys and girls can be spotted together without it equalling a relationship. Let the girl live and prepare for that album release because we along with everyone are eagerly waiting.


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