Giving Doll Eyes, Using Makeup

Nude tones are your best friend.


Here it is: your guide to achieving a doll-eyed makeup look, perfect for looking cutesy this Valentine’s Day! Since ‘Doe vs Siren eyes’ was trending on TikTok recently, we thought we’d run through how we perfect our wide-eyed and innocent ‘doll’ look for when you’re not wanting to look too sultry.  


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For starters, no eyeliner on the inner lash line! We want to keep this area as light as possible to give the illusion of a large eye, so keep it clean, or go over the area with a white eye pencil. 

Make use of your nude palette and stick to brown tones instead of black. Keep the center of your eyelid light, and use a darker brown shadow to cut your crease. You can always use a light shimmer on the lid, but a matte shadow works best when defining your eye shape. 

Now, to exaggerate your eye shape, go underneath your lower lashes with the same darker shadow, on a smaller brush. You want to give the illusion that your lash line is lower than it really is, so keep the shadow close to your lashes, but juuuust beneath. 

Pop some highlighter in your inner corners. I always try to keep the darkest shadows to the outer edges of my eye, and make them lighter as they come in. It gives a subtle smokey-eye effect, and makes your eyes appear wider apart. 

To finish, curl your eyelashes and add mascara, or stick on some falsies (the bigger and fluffier, the better). Winged eyeliner is optional, but make them small and natural to enhance your eye shape. 

There you have it, now go flutter those gorgeous lashes and show off your look!

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