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Gifts You Can Get Your Single Ass

It is all love.


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we all know what that means. Endless reminders that you, me, us, are in fact so very single. Which on its own is not even close to being a bad thing, but on this day, seeing all these confectionaries and gifts might make not being in a relationship a bit daunting. But thank goodness, over the years this day turned from being strictly (and originally) for romantic lovers to celebrating love in all its forms, including self-love. 

I for one used to bring myself, since I was 17 years old, a cupcake (red velvet with cream cheese frosting on top, in case anyone wants to do the honors this year) each Valentine’s day just for the fun of it, as a small boost of self-care. And as I got older, I up my game and started gifting myself more useful things, and you should too. Here is a list of very sexy, and very pampering gifts that you can get your single ass on this celebratory day. 

A New Set Of Lingerie 

No, you do not only have to buy lingerie to show it off to your partner. Yes, you can and should buy it when single as an act of self-love and body empowerment where you can just look at yourself in the mirror wearing the new matching set and just flaunt whichever body form or shape you have and rock it. Also, there are plenty of ideas on how to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom, so it can be worn on multiple occasions.  
Check out Savage Fenty’s special St. Valentine’s day collection for a “Save Kind of Love”.

Shop the Hearts Teddy Body Suit in 'Millenial Pink' here for $45.

Vibrator Level 1

You had to have seen that one coming. If you haven’t tried one yet, this day of love should be it. And to start things a little slow, you should invest in a clitoral vibrator with multiple (six) speeds to test the one you feel comfortable with the most. 
This is an external toy for the women’s most pleasurable part of their bodies, small enough that you can hide it if need be and soundless for easy use. Try out the LELO Alia sing silhouette waterproof, long-lasting vibrator.

Shop here for $139.

Scented Candles

Candles are not lame, don’t you dare say that! There is no doubt that smells are important, and that is linked to their connection with parts of the brain that processes emotions and memory. So having candle lit can just ease out your pampering day, bring back good memories, and help you get in a sensual mood or just freshen up the air around you. You can never go wrong with a candle as a gift either for yourself or for others. 

Choose from Diptyque’s range of scented candles here.


Now that your outfit is ready, and you have set out the mood with candles, you can put on a facemask to detox and purify your skin. With a clay facemask of either French green clay or Australian black clay, the artisanal line The Good Hippie offers facemasks to soften, balance and revitalize the skin without using any artificial ingredients or fragrances.

Shop here for $32.

A Book

There is no such thing as too many books. You can explore the genre of erotica, or even better understand women’s sexuality with Dr. Emily Nagoski’s book Come As You Are. In about 416 pages, you will get in-depth into women’s unique and variable responses to the sexual world. Understanding ourselves, what makes us tick, why our bodies respond in certain ways and the context of our desires and arousals are keyed into creating for ourselves a more accepting and pleasurable life. 
The well-researched book is not going to tell you what to do, this is not a sex-ed class, and it is not only for the sexually active because there is more to women’s sexuality and arousal to the traditional act of “making love”, it is about understanding women in a not so talked about field. 

Shop here for $12.

Skincare Kit

If Valentine’s Day is your day of pampering then a facemask and a candle might fall short, and you might be in need for skincare kit to start a new facial regiment. You do not need 100 products, only the essentials: cleanser, moisturizer, acne treatment (if needed) and treatment if you have oily skin thanks to Urban Outfitters' exclusive 4-piece face Clarifying Kit by Malin+Goetz.

Shop here for $36.

Massage Wand

While everyone now is looking more for pleasure, investing in more than one sex toy can be a good move for your solo, duo or multiple (it is a non-judging zone) intimate interactions. Passing from the smaller toys, a body Wand is a quite large extra stimulant to basically wherever in your body you need to be aroused. This type of toy is intended for an all-over massage experience and also clitoral stimulation with various vibration speeds for you to choose from. 
If you do not know which to buy, we suggest the Bodywand Plug-In Massager.

Shop here for $96.

Female Erotica Subscription

We do not have to justify yet again that women watch adult films (yes porn) too. But not all erotic films are the same, and Swedish filmmaker and art creator Erika Lust knows that and delivers high quality, audience-oriented, and full of varieties erotic films catering to all of the women’s sexual fantasies and perspectives. Whether if you are new to this realm of films or an appreciator, Erika Lust has got you covered and she breaks the stigma around women’s sexuality. 
Let yourself explore a new form of a film, get ideas for your sexual life, get yourself in a sexy mood or just relax in front of one. With a simple subscription, you get a free movie while the rest is a pay as you watch basis. 

Vibrator Level 2

Back to it again, this time with a more elaborative toy not really for beginners as the classic Rabbit takes a new form with Rampant Rabbit with double the features and the strength. Not to intimidate you too much, this is both external and internal pleasurable toy to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot with 10 different speeds. 
If you are ready to step-up your sex toy game then this Rampant Rabbit is for you.

Shop here for $103.


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