Get Sweaty With These Daily Lockdown Workout Fixes

Check out their live sessions everyday!


Are you used to enjoying the joint motivation you find in the gym just by seeing everyone graft for their body goals? Did you regularly attend classes or see a PT that you no longer can as a result of Covid19? We got you covered.

It’s important to stay in a routine during times like this, having daily exercises to incorporate into your week is so helpful to maintain that sense of normality. We sourced 5 of some of the best accounts to follow for at-home workouts, from millions of watchers to just a few thousand, these sessions are guaranteed to ignite your inner rhi rhi and make you work from home!

#1 P.E. With Joe Wicks @thebodycoach

A true legend in the UK currently, Joe Wicks and his daily 9 am P.E sessions have been a complete success, especially for the little ones who are off school! His Instagram has amassed 3.3 million followers and some of his P.E videos nearing 6 million views, he's obviously doing something right! If you want more after your 9 am dose, check out his channel for loads of home workouts for all ages and abilities here.


#2 Live Workouts with Alexandra Louise @alexandrashappybody

A bit more niche in the workout world, but still just as intense! Alexandra Louise was a contestant on Love Island in the UK and unhappy with her body during and after the show, decided to make changes to her diet & workouts with a PT, who still makes an appearance on the page.

She started to offer her diet plan & workouts to the public with her Happy Body Plan, showing some amazing results on her page, including her own! As a result of the success of her life workouts last week, she has now started doing a structured 10 minute HIIT session live every day at 10 am GMT on her Instagram page, from abs to arms, there are no excuses!


#3 IG Live Workouts with Maddy & Alex Weaver @soulsistersfitness

Just two gals bringing you Yoga & Full Body Blasts on the daily! People from all over the world tune in to sweat with the sisters and they post their weekly schedule on Sundays. They have a range of times available and these sessions are for all levels, including the Yoga!

They are the face of the Adidas studio in London and part of the Adidas European squad, so you know these ladies got game, head over to their page and pencil in some zen, no equipment needed!


#4 Pure Gym Weekly Sessions @puregymofficial


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After something a bit more official? Look no further, our last 2 options are sure to hit the spot! First up we have Pure Gym, they post their weekly sessions on the Sunday before, so you can plan around the week ahead. With times that suit everyone (all in GMT by the way) and workouts that cover all parts of the body, you will be spoilt for choice! 

Will you pick their Wednesday 10 am Full Body Blast or perhaps you fancy Saturday 11 am Legs, Bums & Tums? They also do sessions on a Sunday, no rest day then, apparently. 


 #5 Nike Training App

For those of you that want to do perhaps a guided ab session at exactly 8:15 am, but don’t exactly know how to go about it, the Nike Training app is the perfect place. It doesn’t offer you structured daily workouts at certain times, instead, you have your guided workouts and HIIT sessions for all levels, covering all bases by simply pressing play whenever it suits you.

Make an account and track your progress, hit milestones such as doing 5 workouts in a row, or the win trophies such as the Early Bird, Full-Stack and the ever so elegantly named, Beast Mode. Browse their collections and pencil in your 10 minute Quick Core Crunch around your plans, ensuring you find time for those HIIT sessions when it suits you, with your very own virtual PT.

Nike train is free to download here.


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