Get Outdoors With Lazy Oaf’s New Take A Hike Collection

Get Outdoors With Lazy Oaf’s New Take A Hike Collection

The first drop includes 11 pieces ranging from $40 to $162.


Lazy Oaf has revealed its latest collection called ‘Take A Hike’, encouraging us to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It’s come at just the right time as we’re all starting to need an excuse to get out the house these days and for what better reason, than to debut a new outfit? 

Starting the new year on a mountain, photographer and stylist Imogen Wilson hiked up the Blue Mountains of Australia to capture the new collection. It’s inspired by the “great outdoors, being in the mountains, woods and parks, the places that have brought more joy and escape than Schitt’s Creek (well nearly)” says Lazy Oaf. 

Out favourite pieces include the On The Slopes Cardigan, an oversized knit with the cutest mountain landscape and pink cabin on the back and the Mountain Peak Shacket with ‘Big Foot’ print all over. 


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Staple to Lazy Oaf, all the pieces display a totally unique and fun graphic featuring bold colours, especially the Sunny Peaks Long Sleeve T-Shirt. 


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Accessories have also been included in the collection: a Wilderness Mesh Pocket Shoulder Bag and the matching Bucket Hat emblazoned with mountainscape print. 


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The collection will be released in weekly drops, the first one having dropped already. The following two are scheduled over the next two weeks. Prices range from $40 to $162 online. 

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