Future features Rhude’s first-ever campaign

See Future’s looks for the ‘Rhude boy – Modern Gentleman’ editorial.


Following its latest standout after collaborating with brands such as Canada Goose or Vans, Rhude is announcing a new Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which is coming out this week. As one of the label’s most famous customers and long-time supporters, Future has bestowed his face for its ‘Rhude boy – Modern Gentleman’ campaign.


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The American rapper showcased some of the most essential pieces of the collection on his and the brand’s official Instagram account, teasing fans with catchy bold eyewear, leather hoodies, oversized bombers, atypically-sized patterned handbags and much more.
Under the arms of Rhude’s creative director, Rhuigi Villaseñor, The LA-based brand is about to deliver what it’s famous for - relaxed highly detailed fits focusing mainly on functionality and tailoring while finding a balance between streetwear and high fashion. According to Villaseñor, this 'very first' campaign is meant to be ‘a proposal for the new look’ in menswear and is aiming for ‘timelessness’.


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Rhude has seen a huge success after only 6 years in the fashion industry, collaborating with brands such as Puma, McLaren, Davidoff, and Los Angeles Lakers. But the diligence and effort behind the label go way back to the 2000s when Villaseñor designed the infamous paisley-bandana-patterned T-Shirt, worn by Kendrick Lamar at BET Awards in 2012, that blew up his fashion career.

The collection is set to release on Thursday, April 15 at Rhude online store, however, the exact time has not been announced yet. 


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