F*ck Off Stop Calling Me, Josh

Peach PRC's debut single 'Josh' is out now


Peach PRC has just released the official music video for her debut ‘Josh’, and we are in love! The song is about, well, lack for a better word, a fuckboy. I think at one point, we’ve all dated or known someone just like her ex, Josh. YES, SHE REALLY DID THAT… SHE DIDN’T CHANGE HIS NAME FOR THE SONG.

If you’ve been following the 23-year-old Australian singer from the start, you’ll already know ‘Colourblind’ and ‘Blondes’ both are 10/10 vibes. The up-and-coming star is well known on TikTok, where she talks openly about her struggle with mental health. As well as providing us with all the pink you’ll ever need. Peach also has a YouTube channel where she posts many different types of videos. One being where she simply tidies her room, chatting for an hour. With lockdown feeling never-ending, it’s nice to just feel like someone else is there to hang with whilst you’re pottering around the house.

You can stream Josh on YouTube, Spotify and Deezer. And we would recommend it.

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