Fizzy Review: Jeremy Scott The People’s Designer Won Us Over


If you'™re anything like the Fizzy Mag fam, you make a face, like: ugh, regular people when faced with the misfortune of stumbling on yet another yawningly critical review of Jeremy Scott, and his work; likely penned from a oh SO fashionable ivory tower, where hairlines and sense of humor recede, in seasonal sync with each other.

Vlad Yudin's documentary:  ˜Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer™, charts the designer’s journey towards his first collection as Creative Director of Moschino. Career highlights are illustrated with archival video clips of runway shows, with celebrity soundbites (Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and ASAP Rocky, among many others) providing the background, to this small town farm boy's pop culture powered trajectory, towards the american dream.

Once in a much need while, Jeremy-like gems come along to shake up the fashion establishment doggedly trotted out status quo. With a mouthy disregard for the dictated ˜what's hot now and intelligent grasp of the (terribly) scary and elusive concepts of, irony, subversion and nostalgia – reminiscent of the late, great Moschino founder, Franco Moschino –  Jeremy marches to his own jam, striking #fomo in the serious souls of the œall black errthang crowd, peppering his pieces with enough print clash to shift a tectonic plate.

Dubbed the People's Designer there's something zeitgeist and Gen Z about Jeremy's work. As well as capturing the imaginations of the X and Yers before them through the lure of nostalgia, for the kids growing up in the digital age, surfing on multi screens simultaneously, the mash-up of colours, cartoons, slogans, and tongue in cheek references to global corporations, reflects the endless, frenetic scroll of their social feeds; where there’s instant access to a labyrinth of free fashion inspo and identities are no longer constructed based on a seasonal trickle from the top; *cough* “ivory tower” *cough*.

However you choose to look at it, and as ASAP Rocky puts it: Jeremy is F-U-N, FUN! The Fizzy tribe hearts the Jeremy vibe; essential viewing for big kids everywhere.