Fizzy Mag Takes You To The Pastoral Bosnia and Herzegovina With Ninela Memic

We investigate extreme temperatures, opulent landscapes and talk the local fashion design scene.


Born and raised in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ninela Memic (@ninela_memic.design) has been amused by worldwide cultures and forms, while finding inspiration for her own designs within the distinctive Balkan society. NM Design is a modern-day brand for the modern-day women. The designer permits everyone to easily switch from day to evening, while looking perky and chic.

We sat down with the Bosnian designer to discuss intriguing details about her work, including it in our exclusive Fizzy Mag editorial Buckle up and feast your eyes, because you’re in for a treat.

Thanks for chatting with us today, Ninela! Let’s get right to it. When and how did you realize that you were destined to become a fashion designer?

I’ve always felt the need to look different and wear pieces that no one else has. That’s how it all started. Four years ago I decided to design my first collection, which was a great success. That’s when I realized that fashion isn’t something that will remain just a hobby, but rather a serious career path.

How did your social and cultural background influence your work?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country with a rich culture and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Unfortunately, there are many problems which our designers face on a regular basis. One of them being a declining demand for designer pieces. The Bosnian population struggles to cover basic living needs, so shopping for designer pieces isn’t exactly the priority. There’s also a lack of understanding for this type of work, which creates a hectic environment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not quite popular within the fashion industry, could the future hold some change?

I’m forever grateful for my clients, who recognized the quality of my work and support domestic production. As for changes within the industry, I hope that with time it’ll get better, because our country certainly has a lot of quality designers, we just lack the key factor - fashion courage.

Which major event influenced your work and lifestyle?

I feel sorry that designers from Bosnia and Herzegovina don’t have the opportunity to experience the real atmosphere of the fashion world. Being a part of the glamour, as designers from other countries. BH fashion week is the largest and only fashion event held twice a year, there I made more serious steps towards the fashion world.

Will you be attending the Bosnian fashion week again, or do you have different plans for the future?

I’m very proud of my participation at the BH fashion week and I’m grateful for the experience I’ve gained. However, I’d like to visit some of the fashion events hosted in Montenegro, Serbia or Croatia in the upcoming years.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

NM Design revolves around the modern woman, her way and style of life. With my fashion vision, I want to emphasize her femininity, natural grace but also personal attitude. I want every piece of clothing to inspire women to recognize their most beautiful self. Each of my creations is inspired by a real woman who is sleek, feminine, yet strong and completely unique.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of the NM brand?

I plan to work as before, equally well with no setbacks. I’m very ambitious and optimistic. There are many plans, ideas and goals that I want to achieve. And if you love something enough, you’ll find a way to achieve it. As in any business, commitment is highly essential to succeed in anything.

What advice would you give to a young and aspiring fashion designer?

There is a saying that goes, "Follow your dreams, they know the way." Never give up on your dreams. They bring happiness, they motivate us and they encourage us to do our best. This job requires constant investment and great effort, so the questions is: Are you ready to put everything on the line in order to follow your dreams?

Styling / Creative Direction: Matija Max Vidovic ( @matijamaxvidovic )
Shot by: Mia Dermanovic ( @minonimia )
Model: Vjeki

Brands used for the production: NM Design, Versace, Prada, Zara, Mango

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