5 Sexy Tips for Spicing Things Up in the Bedroom

You don't have to struggle with unsatisfying sex for the rest of your relationship.


Sixty-four percent of people are currently in a sexual relationship, but that doesn't mean that they're all satisfied. Have you found your last few romps in the hay to be somewhat lackluster?

Well, you don't have to struggle with unsatisfying sex for the rest of your relationship.

Read on for our top tips for spicing things up in the bedroom.

1. Communicate With Your Partner

It may sound basic, but communication is the best way to spice things up in the bedroom. You need to talk about your expectations and what you're looking for. You need to feel supported in talking about your kinky sex ideas, to see if there are common areas for both partners.

2. Don’t Worry About Frequency

Don't get too stressed out worrying that you're not having sex enough. This will simply add extra pressure on your relationship.

Studies have shown that partnered couples' enjoyment of sex is not dependent on frequency. So, if you and your partner are on the same page in terms of your sex drive, there's no problem!

3. Try Some Extras

There are toys and other accessories that can help you have a better time in the bedroom. Vibrators can add a little extra buzz to your sex life.

Some people may enjoy blindfolds to heighten the intensity in the bedroom. Lingerie can help add a little extra flavor, or you can try adding costumes and start roleplaying in the bedroom.

Lube can also be very beneficial when you're having trouble in the bedroom. Canna lube may be one option to look into.

4. Experiment With Your Sex Life

Trying out new positions is a good way to explore your sexuality and find new ways to spice things up. Some of the different positions you may want to try out include:

  • Doggy style
  • Wheelbarrow (either standing or sitting)
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Spooning
  • 69
  • Butterfly
  • Pile driver
  • Lotus

You can also try different locations to make your sex life more exciting. You can try out simply having sex in a different room of your home if you're looking for an easy way to mix things up.

Having sex in pools or bodies of water is one common location people like to try out. Just make sure you're not breaking any public indecency laws — you don't want to be explaining why you got arrested to whoever bails you out!

5. Sexting

Sexting or phone sex can help build anticipation for your next time being intimate in person. It can also give you an opportunity to explore different kinks or fantasies you might be interested in but you may feel too nervous to bring them up in a face-to-face situation.

Start Spicing Things Up in the Bedroom Today

There's no time to waste — start enjoying these strategies for spicing things up in the bedroom ASAP.

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