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Finger Lickin’ Footwear From A KFC X Crocs Collaboration

Finger Lickin’ Footwear From A KFC X Crocs Collaboration

Yes, you read that right…


The first glimpse of this foodie fashion collaboration came back in March in the form of a platform pair of KFC Crocs, and now the official classic croc style pair of chicken crocs can be yours.

The KFC X Croc drop features a fried chicken print body and ankle strap, with a colonel sanders trade mark white and red stripe outsole, topped off with a detachable drum stick Jibbitz™ charm that is scented with those famous eleven herbs n’ spices combo. 

KFC x Crocs Not for human consumption from Ty Archibald on Vimeo.

Crocs can be an audience splitter and this extraordinary collaboration will no doubt split some opinions too. Some are suggesting they are more of a collectible than something to slip on day-to-day, but whether they are to your taste or not, these are sure to be a talking (or smelling?) point if you cop a pair.

You can do so here from today at 12pm ET.


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