Female Rappers Are Your Entertainment Quaranqueens

*Spends 5 hours scrolling through TikTok*


Just because festivals & tours have been pushed back due to COVID-19, doesn’t mean that everyone in the music industry is keeping it low key on social media, female rappers are thriving. Artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B & Doja Cat are using their platforms to showcase their personalities as well as their talent & giving us some top tier lockdown entertainment.

Some examples include Cardi B & Bernie Sanders having a pleasant Instagram live chat, Megan Thee Stallion enjoying some house music in her kitchen, and Doja Cat performing a spoken-word rendition of  “The Box” on TikTok.

Watching these female rappers express themselves creatively on social media lets us have a glimpse into their world and see that these hilarious bits of the content we are being blessed with are a result of not just their stage presence and performance, but who they truly are - they would probably explode without that creative outlet!

Yung Baby Tate is an artist who believes having that an authentic and genuine connection with the fans during these times is most important. In an interview, Tate said that she's interactive with her fans on social media, by going live or encouraging them to take part in talent shows, Q&A’s and by simply just talking to them.

We don’t miss out on any live performances either, just because the concerts aren’t going ahead doesn’t mean they don’t give us little snippets now and then. Tools such as Instagram Live allow the artists to stream performances for the fans and platforms like TikTok mean they can stay in the loop with challenges, usually involving their own music.

As well as providing us with amazing content during this difficult time, female rappers have also been offering their support to the cause in the form of donations & spreading awareness. Megan Thee Stallion collaborated with CashApp to launch the #HottiesAtHome campaign that supports fans struggling financially, Cardi B also followed suit and partnered with Fashion Nova to give away $1,000 every hour until May 20th.

Although for the most part these artists are enjoying giving something back to the fans whether that comes in the form of donations, collabs or content, it is important to remember that they are people too, and it’s a struggle to not be able to do what they love every day, just like anyone else.



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Although they are more than aware of their fortunate position, they are still honest about when they are feeling a bit down. “I’ve definitely had a few shows and music video opportunities that I’m bummed about being canceled. I try not to take this time too personally, though; I don’t like to think of myself as a victim,” says Yung Baby Tate.

We are living through an unpredictable bit of history and we should be thankful that we have social media and these connections at tough times like this, unlike our ancestors, which allow us to be able to support each other. 

If you need anything, you can find us scrolling through TikTok learning the dance to “Say So”, see you there!


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