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‘FCK BORIS’ Posters Appear On London Tubes

Fck the Govt and Fck Boris


Back on July 24th, a protest-street party dubbed ‘Fck Govt Fck Boris’ was held in London on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s first day in office. Now, the group of women behind the anti-Boris, anti-Tory, anti-Brexit protests, have taken over London’s underground with posters revealing some of the PM’s horrendous policies.

The posters, which are in response to the Conservative’s ‘Get Ready For Brexit Campaign’, touch on policies regarding climate change, austerity, poverty, racism, NHS, prisons, and schools. One of the posters which have been spotted reads: “Did you know… NHS patient waiting lists are the longest ever recorded, they have doubled under the Tories. Boris isn’t giving our hospitals a penny #fckboris.”. 

The group, most of whom are under 30 and from BAME backgrounds, who are behind the anti-Boris project state that all data and statistics featured on posters are true and are taken from publicly accessible government information. 

“We’d love there to be a presence in every city, every town if we can. Our message is clear – we want Boris gone, we want this government gone. This is all about resistance.” 

All posters feature a QR code that takes people to register to vote, in time for the 12 December general election, as well as a link to the Fck Boris website with a Crowdfunder. 


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