Fashion Twitter's Favorite Shoe Is Now Vegan

Maison Margiela's viral 'Tabi' newly comes in a wet-weather-friendly rubber.


If you have spent any time at all on the fashion side of Twitter, you will already know what Maison Margiela's Tabi shoe is. Or at least, you'd recognize a picture of it. The shoe silhouette featuring an iconically unusual split-toe design has, up until now, always been produced with a leather finish (be it real or synthetic), which may explain what caught fashion influencer Brenda Weischer's eye during a visit to the label's Paris showroom - not only a brand new textile, but new designs. Alongside the familiar shape of an ankle boot with side buttons, there is also a Maryjane pump and a lace up Oxford. 

Sharing pictures and videos of the new finds on Instagram, Weischer's post only display the recycled matte rubber shoes in black or white, however the Oxford is already available, and the color choices go far beyond the monochrome. Priced at $615 and listed as '100% PVC', the Oxford silhouette offers a 'Military green' with complimentary teal laces, and a 'Beige'. Maison Margiela are being secretive about the pricing and release timeline for the other two designs, with no information available on them as yet. 

Check out the sneak peeks below!

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