4 Facts You Didn't Know About CBD

Some features tend to go under the radar.


Is it weed? Is it not weed? There have been plenty of “alternative facts” surrounding the CBD industry for years. Thankfully, as more research is done, there is a wider acceptance of the products. Lots of people worldwide have used them to benefit their wellbeing in some form, something that is imperative during a pandemic.

Of course, some features tend to go under the radar, even as the exposure of the market grows. And, although there is mostly nothing wrong with it, certain beliefs can stop you from enjoying your daily intake of cannabinoids.

So, here are four things about CBD you aren’t aware of.

The Demand Is Higher Than You Imagine

You know that demand is pretty high because you’re seeing targeted marketing campaigns with fancy adverts. Still, while they are raising awareness, they don’t go into detail regarding the health of the industry. For example, did you know it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, with experts projecting that it has grown at over 100% annually, and will continue to do so well into 2030? Yes, the popularity of CBD products is very powerful right now, and this is causing the wide-spread release of services from the UK to Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

You Don’t Have To Consume It 

A widely held myth is that you must consume cannabinoids for them to be effective. Although vaping and dropping liquid into drinks and food is useful, you don’t have to ingest CBD whatsoever if you don’t want to. Why? It’s down to the smells and aromas of CBD that has led to CBD hemp flowers. Like most flowers, these are incredibly good at helping you to relax by releasing scents into the air. As a knock-on effect, this can lower your stress levels and improve your mood without leaving a vase!

CBD Is Pet-Friendly

There isn’t much you can have that you can give to your dog. Take a humble grape or a yummy piece of chocolate. To you, they are delicious, to your pooch, they are potentially fatal. So, the fact that you can give man’s best friend a dose of CBD might take you by surprise. There isn’t a great deal of research, yet what there is suggests that dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in the brain than humans. As a result, the effects of CBD without THC is thought to be as effective in canines.

All CBD Isn’t The Same

Because it’s a single compound, it’s tempting to view CBD as the same across the board. But, the difference lies in the compounds in which it is extracted from and with. For example, CBD isolate is only CBD, whereas full-spectrum extracts contain a host of other cannabinoids. Then, there are the compounds they work with when added to products. All of these combine, ensuring that CBD is not the same, but it has different effects for different people.


It’s always important to research CBD before using it as you don’t know how your lack of knowledge will impact your experience.