Everything You Need To Know About The Louis Vuitton SS21 Show

A virtual viewing.


As a guest at the Louis Vuitton SS21 show you would be sent an individual link to your virtual seat, which would allow you to move the camera 360 degrees. The show was held on the top floor of La Samaritaine, which closed for safety reasons in 2005 and has been undergoing 30 months of renovation; set to house a 5 star hotel, offices, restaurants and more, when it reopens in 2021. It’s currently empty state made it the perfect place for the show. Creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière said “It’s big, it’s empty. So we didn’t have to ship clothes across Paris for the show. For everyone to be safe, it’s practical. But also, to feel at home. And that’s so very nice.”


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For an “enhanced virtual experience” Louis Vuitton employed the use of a green screen, showing scenes from the 1987 Wim Wenders romantic fantasy film, ‘Wings of Desire.’ The scene depicts two angels gliding through the streets of Berlin, observing the bustling population, played behind guests and overlaid with catwalk footage on the live stream. Similarly to the angels, remote digital viewers were able to silently observe the show.  


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So, let’s talk about the clothes. Genderless fashion was a key theme of the show. Nicolas Ghesquière said that he wanted to create clothes that were “not clearly feminine or masculine, but in between.” This translated to baggy trousers, sometimes cinched at the waist for a more feminine look, oversized trench coats and loose fit slogan t-shirts. Bucket bags also featured in the show, set to be a key staple for spring, seen in apple green, cream and black. In regards to the virtual element of the show, Ghesquière commented that “it’s another step towards globality, and I guess that’s absolutely necessary. We’ve sometimes made people feel excluded. So probably, it’s a way to include more people in what we do.” 


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