Euphoria's Cloud Makeup Look Is Certainly One To Try

You'll be on cloud nine.


Let’s take ourselves back to the Summer of 2019 when HBO’s new TV show ‘Euphoria’ took centre stage in the eyes of the beholder. Depicting a group of high-school students from a real and raw perspective, Euphoria focuses on the topics of drugs, self-identity, addiction, sex, violence, love and trauma. Consciously crafted with a purpose to tell a story, an important feature that plays a significant role in the show is makeup. Portraying the evolution of the Euphoria characters, these makeup looks have made history, leaving an impression on many including the likes of Tiktok users, challenging all to recreate the mesmerising makeup looks using the hashtag #euphoriamakeup.

This iconic approach to makeup is all due respect to Emmy-Award winning makeup artist ‘Doniella Davy.’ Praised for her previous work in Oscar-winning film ‘Moonlight’, and Amazon mini-series ‘The Underground Railroad’, Davy has curated a series of head-turning looks including eyebrows adorned in rhinestones, sparkling tears and the popular choice called “the Jules clouds.” 

Worn by Jules and now by you, this look is simple to recreate with the help of the ‘head in the clouds’ eye stickers. In collaboration with the brand Face Lace, the stickers are a ‘one cloud fits all’, adapting to any face shape and can be worn with or without makeup. With every purchase, 10% of profits go to the organization Trans Lifeline, “a peer support and crisis hotline serving transgender people by offering phone support and microgrants. It is the first transgender crisis hotline to exist in the United States as well as Canada. It is also the only suicide hotline whose operators are all transgender”.

How to use ‘Head In The Clouds Eye Stickers’

Head in the Clouds adheres best to clean skin.
Gently remove the product from the film, sticking it around the eye to create your favorite design. Put back on the holder for further reuse. Do not use on broken or inflamed skin. Avoid placing it too close to the eye.
And then, you are ready to share your #euphoriamakeup!

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