Empress Linoleum Drops Video for "God Complex"

Her trippy video takes us on a tumble through self-awareness.



British self-taught producer Empress Linoleum has released the music video for ‘God Complex’, the first track from her EP “Clouds”, released in 2021. 

Aimed to provide viewers with an insight into Empress Linoleum’s mind, the video features a hazy blue and pink lighting, conducing an extra-terrestrial element to the aesthetics. The video was deemed “a creative mix of experimental, electronic beats layered with alternative pop-rap vocals, creating a spacey, other worldly experience” by BABMAG (2021).

With the nickname ‘Linoleum’ given to her by a school teacher which stuck fast, ‘God Complex’ explores how, beneath the egotism of some individuals, we’re all made of the same matter. “We’re all made of the same stuff (bones and blood and that)”, she says, referring to the lyrics “thought that I was different, but I’m just like everybody else”. She speaks of since then having drawn more of a focus to mindfulness, and swapping out reckless nights for skateboarding and meditation; through which she has come to a clearer perception of the human ego and this god complex some people tie to themselves.

“I just gotta focus on being myself and not worry what anyone else is up to”, she mentions as a product of working on her mindfulness and the inspiration for ‘God Complex’. In a world where comparing yourself to others is so easy, Empress Linoleum conduits the message of being your best self – for her, focusing on sustainability and environmental action (a keen Extinction Rebellion activist).

Empress Linoleum was awarded a grant from Youth Music’s NextGen Fund to contribute to the production of the video. This, in collaboration with Minor Formula Media led to the production of the video for ‘God Complex”.

“The video turned out 10x better than we expected”, Empress Linoleum commented on the release. The success of the project is clear; fast-paced kaleidoscopic scenes balancing out an energetic mix of rap and sung vocals encapsulated in a trippy saturated pink background.

‘God Complex’ is now available to watch above. You can also check out more of Empress Linoleum’s content including her YouTube series ‘Trash Talk’, @empresslinoleum and on Spotify.