Photography: Dela Charles

Eli Preiss Dives Deep: Exclusive Interview on Crafting 'b.a.d.' Album

Genre-defying beats, tech glitches, and raw authenticity.


Eli Preiss, the Austrian artist recently dropped the infectious single "(von hier bis) Tokio," a track born from a technical hiccup turned stroke of inspiration. Collaborating with Vienna-based producer prodbypengg, Preiss's transition from English to German sound is a journey that goes back to 2019. Now an independent artist again, Preiss embraces creative control and ownership of masters, excitedly delving into a new chapter. Her album "b.a.d." serves as a musical diary, capturing the shadows and light of life. With a genre-blurring approach, Preiss paints an emotional rollercoaster, offering listeners a diverse and relatable musical journey. Check out our exclusive chat with the one and only Eli!

Eli, your new single "(von hier bis) Tokio" has a captivating sound. Can you share the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you?

It's actually a funny story! Prodbypengg and I worked on a completely different song for hours and hours. However, in the end, the render got messed up, and we couldn't fix it. I was a little frustrated and about to leave when he said, "Listen to this, it's something fun I did for my producer tape." He already had most of the sounds in the beat, and one of them reminded me of my trip to Tokyo. So, I decided to stay and write something without overthinking it. It ended up becoming one of my best songs, lol.

Working with the Vienna-based producer prodbypengg on this single must have been an exciting experience. How did this collaboration come about, and how did it influence the creative process?

I've known him for years! We worked on English songs back in 2019, and he was one of the producers who helped me transition to a German sound without it sounding cringe, haha!

You're embarking on a new phase as an (again) independent artist. What led to this decision, and how does it feel to take more control of your musical journey?

I love it so far! Honestly, I've always felt independent, even when I had a label; they allowed me to make 100% of the creative decisions, which is super important to me. It's an even better feeling to own my masters, so I'm hyped for this new/back-to-the-old chapter 

Your album "b.a.d." is described as a musical diary reflecting both the shadows and moments of light in life. Can you share a bit about the personal experiences that inspired the album?

I've always experienced quite severe winter depressions and wanted to gather all the deep/dark thoughts I have during that time for this album. At some point, it became too heavy, so I added a few lighter tracks like "konzentrier dich" or "wein in wien," which sound cuter. However, if you listen closely, they also encompass some profound stories about anxiety, sadness, and loss.