A Conversation With Eden Perfumes: Ethical, Vegan, and Sustainable Fragrances

UK's biggest sustainable fragrance brand.


Smelling great is one thing, but have you ever thought about what your skin is absorbing? Fragrance is essential to everyone's routine, and having healthy, non-toxic products available is a no-brainer. Eden Perfume provides a collection of authentic, high-quality, and 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced fragrances! 

Consciously crafted to resemble your favorite designer fragrances, Eden Perfume's sustainable swaps include a refillable option to inspire recycling at a super affordable price. As a recurring customer of their botanical products, I was delighted to talk to Eden Perfumes about their incredible journey to becoming the UK's go-to sustainable perfume brand!

Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me interview you. I have recently purchased your No.507 EROS Women perfume, as a dupe to my favorite Versace EROS Pour Femme and I couldn’t compliment your clean alternative enough! I’ve had so many compliments and have recommended Eden Perfumes to everyone. So, my first question is, who is Eden Perfumes?

Eden Perfumes is a Vegan family business from Brighton with expert knowledge in ethical perfumery. Every single member of the family works on a different aspect of perfume production: oil blending, refilling, and distribution. We always only use the most sustainable and planet-conscious ways of production.

We are proud to be the first perfume company in the UK to create the concept of a “recycled perfume bottle” in 2013. All our bottles are made of recycled crystal glass, and you can send them back to be refilled. All our packaging is fully recyclable and 100% biodegradable (FSC-certified cardboard). Even our test strips and flyers are made from recycled wood pulp.

Our family will leave strong foundations for future generations to carry on with our vegan message and perfume revolution. 

What sparked the idea behind Eden Perfumes, and why did you decide to create clean dupes instead of creating your own scents?

The idea started 3 generations ago, when Grandad used to make natural essential oils and Grandma was the first vegan in our family. Since then, we decided that all our production must be consciously crafted.

We have created our own scents from day one but being a small family business from the south-east coast, our selection of “clean dupes” became very popular quickly. We decided to increase our range due to customers continuously asking us to recreate their favorite perfumes, including discontinued fragrances. Our customers like to wear healthy perfumes and we have made many people happy since then.