5 Easy Ways To Be More Stylish And Fashionable

Choose style over comfort.


The world is changing and people have started to pay more attention to the aesthetics of everything they do, be it if they are going for a vacation or if they are even going to work. Our approach to what we wear and when is changing as well, a lot of us preferring to choose style over comfort. You could find plenty of options when it comes to clothing, but to make sure that what you wear looks stylish and fashionable, is where the main obstacle lies. We can always shop from the huge number of online shopping platforms that are available but at times, these online shopping platforms tend to burn a hole in our pocket. So, how can you look stylish and fashionable without spending too much money?

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So, what are the five easy ways to be more stylish and fashionable?

1. One really important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are about to purchase something, never just buy it for one specific occasion in mind.

All of us have done this, and the thing is that we tend to splurge a huge amount of money as well on this. Going for an occasion or just an event means that we will walk that extra mile in order to look good for the events which also meant that we would probably purchase an expensive piece of clothing for that particular event and then never ever wear that clothing again. Which means that it is a failed investment. Instead of buying clothes for specific events you can always try to mix and match or even go for the versatile pieces in your closet. By accessorizing well, you revamp a simple outfit to something more fashionable and beautiful. This will also boost your confidence levels making your overall look stylish because if you feel that you look good, you can carry anything off well.

Bottega Veneta - Runway: Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20

2.   Make sure the colors you choose to wear coordinate well, not only with each other but also with your skin tone and hair color or texture as well.

This is one of the most important points that will actually level up the way you dress completely. In knowing what colors look good on you, and flatter your skin tone, you are able to make sure that you have organized your outfit well. Colors have the power to affect the way you feel, and it works vice versa as well, so, if you tend to feel sad, you could always wear a bright color in order to feel better. Apart from that, carefully curating the outfit that you would like to wear, depending on the occasion, helps in making sure that the colors look good on your skin as well as your hair color.

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3.   Accessorize with belts.

Regardless of the kind of accessories you own, you need to experiment with them and belts make one of the most classic and creative accessories to start with. There are so many different ways to start experimenting with this. Using a belt adds structure to your outfit which actually helps in giving you an edge when it comes to the style you have in your mind. You can always make sure that the belt you are using can be used to compliment your sense of style and the perfect belt will always compliment your waist and add an edge to your overall outfit. It is also important that you choose the right kind of fit and width when it comes to your belt.

Maison Margiela at Couture Fall 2016 (Details)

4.   Learn to knot it right.

If you feel as though your whole outfit looks mundane and extremely casual, you can always give your tops that twist by literally twisting them to a knot. By adding the knot, you make sure that your outfit outlines your figure and again, gives structure to your outfit. The knot will balance your outfit well but there is obviously without doubt that the knot style would not go with every t-shirt you have but actually concentrates more on loose t-shirts and tank tops. They also should be worn with a high waisted bottom in order to show the silver of the mid riff and not just the belly button.

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5.   Shoes, experiment with different styles of shoes.

If you are someone into fashion, you know for a fact that no one can have enough shoes with themselves and in their closet. Shoes also play a huge role in upgrading your outfit and can help you up your fashion game. Also make sure that you find the fit and the style of the shoe comfortable and to your liking because you definitely do not want a one which does not suit your style and you just bought it because you felt the whim to buy it then.

These are the five crucial but easy ways to look and be more stylish and fashionable, and these points are definitely a game changer for any individual who wants to upgrade their fashion sense and style. Make sure that while you experiment and step out of your comfort zone, you do not go overboard that you regret your choices.