Dua Lipa Fires Back At NYT Ad For Anti-Semitic Allegations

The popstar is the first of the three celebs to speak up against the defamatory ad.


Although coming across a full spread ad of the Hadids and Dua Lipa on the NY Times doesn’t exactly tick the box as unexpected, naming them as anti-semitic in front of a whole nation certainly feels like more than your average daily occurrence.


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On Saturday 22nd of May, the acclaimed newspaper printed a double-page ad that plastered Dua Lipa, Bella, and Gigi Hadids’ faces on top of a Hamas missile airstrike photograph, alongside a headline reading “Hamas calls for a second Holocaust. CONDEMN THEM NOW.”

The piece was written by well-known Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, leader of World Values Network, a Jewish, pro-Israel non-profit. He openly claims the celebrities have “vilified the Jewish state” and tags them as “ignorant” as a response to the stars’ public support of anti-occupation and free Palestine movements, which gained media traction and even incurred a tweet from the official Israeli Twitter account against Bella Hadid.


Whilst the Hadids are yet to speak up, Dua Lipa has taken her obvious disapproval onto social media, claiming “The World Values Network are shamelessly using my name to advance their ugly campaign with falsehoods... I stand in solidarity with all oppressed people and reject all forms of racism."

Whilst many celebrities have spoken out in activism, Boteach’s publication has sparked worldwide media attention and feels arguably targeted. Both the Hadids are daughters of the Palestinian real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, whilst Dua Lipa has been officially dating Anwar, the youngest of the Hadids, for the past two years. 


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