Strengthen Your Skin With Drunk Elephant's New Eye Cream

A tangoing drunk elephant? Sold.


We're not gonna lie, we were half attracted to this skincare brand because of its name. We think you'll agree that the mental images are just glorious. But it turns out that its products are (almost) just as good, receiving rave reviews from beauty editors and beauty purveyors alike. Now Drunk Elephant has dropped a brand-new eye cream, and – after seeing the animated promotional video especially – our hopes are high.

The brand announced its C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream on Instagram yesterday, describing it as “a super-rich creamy balm that helps treat stubborn damage, while strengthening skin, improving fine lines and brightening an uneven tone.” We're probably gonna test it this weekend on our hungover eyes then, because if anyone knows how to tackle that monstrosity, it's gotta be a perpetually drunk skincare expert of a party animal. Logic.

So, on to that video we talked about earlier. Yes, that tipsy ol' ellie in a hat gets up on his hind legs and tango dances with a personified bottle of the eye cream – or is it a woman in a dress made of packaging? The mid boggles. In any case, whoever came up with that is a magnificent nutter.

Shop the Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream at Sephora for $64.



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