Dior’s SS20 Show Is An Ode To Mother Nature

You heard it here first: gardening is in.


Dior brought all the boys (AND GIRLS) to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours. Damn right it’s better than yours…

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s imaginative collection of garden-inspired Spring/Summer clothes was finally revealed at Dior’s show at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. The show and collection were inspired by Catherine Dior, Christian Dior’s younger sister, who was an avid gardener and lover of the natural world. Catherine tended to the Dior family garden and was inspired by the freedom and independence she felt through finding her passion in nature.  


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In that vein, the show took place in an “inclusive garden”. Two weeks and 100 workers per day were required to build the space that design atelier Coloco dreamt up, but the result was an ethereal, sustainable, A Midsummer Night’s Dream-style wonderland (aka truly breathtaking!) 

In the theme of taking care of Mother Nature, the set was promised to be entirely reused and recycled. Coloco’s idea of #PlantingForTheFuture is all about giving trees a new lease of life after the show is over. The greenery, including 164 trees, will be replanted by the GoodPlanet Foundation in Longchamp, the Murs à Pêches in Montreuil and a former air base in Brétigny-Sur-Orge. Nicolas Bonnenfant, a spokesperson for Coloco told Vogue that: “it’s important to get heads of businesses to teach their employees to be environmentally aware and to grow with them.” Preach!

The collection itself is also an absolute mood for Spring; filled with 90 looks that include florals, flowing tie-dye, embroidery, gladiator tassels and raffia garden hats. (We were looking for a reason to dig those out again.) With the hypnotic soundtrack, hippie braids, and earthy toned accessories mixed in with some v modern business separates, it was hard not to feel inspired by the show’s 21st century activism and simultaneous nod to nostalgia.

Yup, it’s official: gardening is cool again. You can go tend to your delphiniums now…after you’ve checked out the video of the show, of course.


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