3 Ways To De-Stress From Your Hectic Life That Won’t Cost A Penny

Easy As 1, 2, Stress Free.


Life is hard. We get it. Sometimes it all just becomes a little too much, and you find yourself crying over the fact that your headphones are tangled…again! Before it gets to that stage, have some me time, unwind and just breathe for like two seconds because stress shortens your life and is bad for your health. Like really bad—we’re talking weight gain, hair loss, acne, all those things you hate. Here’s some easy de-stress ideas you can implement into your daily routine so that you don’t end up frazzled!


Meditation (no really!) 

You’re probably thinking, yeah tried that one, but I ain’t no hippie! By all means, if you want to roll out a yoga mat, light some candles and sink deeply into the earth, go right ahead. But for us mere mortals, just trying to stop thoughts popping into our heads is enough to stress us out, not send all the stress vibes away like meditation is supposed to! So make it work for you. Just sit on the sofa or lie down in a dark room for ten minutes and be alone with your own thoughts. Think about what you want to accomplish that day and be thankful for the things you have already accomplished. You’ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel afterwards. 


Social Media Blackout

Did you know you’re supposed to prepare your brain for sleep? It’s for this reason children are given a bath and a bedtime story before sleepy time. Today, you’re more likely checking your Instagram and watching YouTube videos seconds before your head hits the pillow. We all love social media, but there’s a time and a place and that time is not at 3am scrolling for cat memes! Create a social media cut off point like 9pm, turn your phone on airplane mode and just chill. Spend time with your bf, bake a pie, do whatever the F you want but leave your phone alone, the cat memes will still be there tomorrow and your body will thank you for a restful night’s sleep. 


Break It Down

Something parents always say, “she takes everything in her stride.” As dorky as that sounds, we secretly all want to be that girl, and you can be. If you’re a list person, make a list. Break your tasks down into manageable chunks and don’t forget to schedule in breaks and extra time for things that might go wrong, this is a realistic list not an unachievable one. More of a time motivated person? No problem, set yourself a mini goal to complete such and such before your timer goes off. The idea is to demolish big tasks into bite size chunks and gobble the chunks one at a time. By doing this you’ll see progression and won’t feel like you’re drowning, overall resulting in less stress!


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