SOS – Our Editor Tries The New Get Your Sh!t Together Shampoo

Renewed hair = renewed life.


Keen to make clean hair last as long as it possibly can, I am always on the hunt for haircare products that own the game. I want my hair looking as killer as a quick wash can offer. So, when I came across the Davines Naturaltech Range promising to ‘renew’ my bleached, dead AF locks, I was all ears. 

The Davines brand themselves are ‘guided by the principle of sustainable beauty’ and believe that through the creation of sustainable beauty, ‘we encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live & work and of the things they love’. If this deliciously humble, earth-saving ethos doesn’t make you wanna empty your pockets, what will? 

The Davines Naturaltech Renewing Range itself promises to ‘maintain the longevity and natural beauty of the scalp and hair’ with ‘conosine, maquibeeren extract and spinach extract’. I had no idea what carnosine and maquibeeren extract actually were, that my scalp had any natural beauty, or that rubbing spinach into it would actually promote that, but somehow, it all sounded pretty promising. 

Time to get testing 

Now on the mission to maintain my “beautiful scalp”, I got my hands on the shampoo and conditioner (a serum is also available) and gave the renewing duo a go. My first impression was that the earthy, floral scent felt like it really was worth ya buck. It’s the kind of luxurious smell you imagine you’ll have emanating from your bespoke tiled bathroom when you’ve peaked in your career and can afford to shop exclusively at organic supermarkets. And more than that, the conditioner might just have been the silkiest, smoothest thing going. Feeling like a squeaky clean shower queen, it was time to dry those now slightly less tired-looking bleached locks and lock in all that earthy-luxe scent. 

And I can confirm, a day on, my hair still had that fabulous i-have-control-over-my-life aura. Admittedly, it did feel pretty damn healthy too. A good job all round, Davines. 

The internationally available Davines range can be checked out through their website.