17 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Girl Squad

The struggle of finding the perfect gift for your best friends is over!


Along the way, you meet some people in your life where they don’t only become a part of your chapter, but a treasured, chosen family you want to keep. They’re your girl squad, or your girl best friends. Everyone knows how the world is just so much better when you have your girl friends around you. In good and bad times, you’ll always have each other’s back, making sure that no one gets left behind.

Your girl squad belongs to a special place in your life, so it’s only right that you get them unique and beautiful presents no matter the occasion. It can be the holidays, best friend anniversaries, birthdays, or just a random day.

However, although fun, choosing the best gift will often take you ages. So, here’s more than a dozen ideas to help you! Listed below are the top seventeen customized gift ideas for your girl squad. Because after all, gifts are better when they’re specifically made for the person you’re giving it to. The best part is you can customize them based on something special for both of you: how you met them, or how you got closer.

1. For the sporty girls

Just like boys, some girls are into sports too. If you and your squad are sports enthusiasts, then use that passion you all have in sports and gift them something that will remind each of you about your favorite sport.

For instance, you can buy them a matching baseball cap with your favorite team's logo in it. To make it more personalized, have each cap embroidered with your squad's name, or at least each of your name's initials. There are online shops available such as https://www.shopstrange.net/ that can help you customize sports merch. Show them whose team you're on, girls!

2. For the girls who can’t go a day without coffee

Perhaps you and your friends are so into coffee that you all just can’t start your day right unless you get a good cup of coffee. Sometimes, your squad spends your free time exploring new coffee shops to try new coffee flavors.

To commemorate your squad’s love for coffee, why not get each of you a customized coffee mug imprinted with your squad’s name? Or you can also have your coffee mug personalized with your favorite quotes or all your initials combined. Make your coffee moments with your squad more special with these personalized squad mugs!

3. For the girls who are into jewelry

For your stylish squad who love to accessorize, customized jewelry may be the best option. Personalized necklaces are trendy these days, especially the bar design. This chic necklace with a classic bar-shaped pendant is perfect for customization. Ask the jeweler to engrave your squad’s name, or the dates when your squad was first established, or the coordinates of your squad’s favorite location. Your options are limitless!

4. For the girls who love to sweat

If your girl squad never misses any of your group sessions at the gym, you can gift them, including yourself, with matching water tumblers personalized with your initials. After your sweaty workout sessions, you can gather around and enjoy rehydrating with these matching water tumblers. That moment is IG-worthy too so don’t forget to take a snap!

5. For the mean girls

If you love the Mean Girls movie and it reminds you of your squad, it’ll be fun if you all show up with your matching tank tops quoted with some of the famous lines from the film. Wrap these personalized tops as a gift, and together you can wear them during parties, outdoor adventures, or during your sleepover nights.

6. For the girls with a lot of feels

Gift each of your squad member with a customized key chain that speaks of their unique character, or some tagline they’re known for. Some of these lines may say, “coffee is life,” “not even sorry,” or “I get the last slice of pizza.” These keychains will best contain one-liners that can only be associated with your particular squad member.

7. For the girls who want to get tattoos (but aren't ready for the real one)

Perhaps you and your friends have planned on declaring your irrevocable friendship by getting permanent tattoos of your squad's name. Unfortunately, some of you may just not be ready for the pain yet, or will never be. The good news is, you can still get tattoos for your squad by using hennas customized in your own words or symbols. You can all play around with these temporary tattoos as long as you want, and you can even switch them up with other colors and designs when you get tired of it.

8. For the girls who fight over the last slice of pizza

Do your pizza parties often end up with a fight over who gets the last slice? Get your squad a customized necklace designed with a slice of pizza with your initials at the back. This will serve as a reminder that your squad members will always fight for their right to have that last slice of pizza. Plus, it can be sentimental since it’s an inside joke that only you and your friends will understand.

9. For the girls who love to spell it out

If you want it easy but loud, you can simply gift your friends with customized jackets or shirts printed with your squad’s name or logo. That’d be the most straightforward friendship souvenir you can give them. Additional pro tip: wear these together when you’re going out, for a much louder statement!

10. For the girls who love slumber parties

Get your besties their own set of sleepwear, which may consist of pajamas, sleeve tops, and shorts, and you can all wear them together for your slumber parties. Don’t forget to customize these stylish sleepwear sets with your initials to make them more personal and sentimental.

11. For the money-making girls

For your girls who love to hustle hard, you can give them customized wallets engraved with their names. This will remind them how much you’re proud of them for being hardworking and making money by themselves to buy things on their own without anyone else’s help.

12. For the girls who love touch-ups

Aside from bobby pins and hair accessories, another item most girls often lose is their compact mirrors. If any of your besties are frequently losing their mirrors, gift them a new one with their name in it. This gift may be one of the most unique gifts you can get for them. Most women would get makeup and lipsticks as gifts, which is all too common. To make it a bit different but still useful, give them their own printed compact mirrors so they never lose them again.

13. For the girls whose hands are full (literally!)

Do you often see your best friends with so much stuff dangling from their hands, such as their phone, wallets, car keys, coffee, mirrors, sunglasses, and more? Well, you can ease this struggle they’re probably not even aware of by giving them personalized clutch wallets to help keep all their things safe in one place. You can all use them together when going out or attending parties.

14. For the girls who love to cuddle and snuggle

For your favorite girls in life who love to snuggle and cuddle every time you see each other, you can give them something to snuggle with when you aren’t with them. Customized pillows are a thing nowadays, and they're yet to show any signs of decline. So, when you and your besties are away from each other, you’ll each have your pillows to snuggle with while waiting for the days you can finally hang out and snuggle with each other again.

15. For the girls who are from a long distance

It’s inevitable to get separated from your squad when you finally have to go adulting, go to a different school or workplace, or move somewhere else with your family. To make sure nobody forgets anybody, you can gift each one with bracelets engraved with the coordinates of your favorite spot as a squad, or any place you all hold dear in your hearts.

16. For the girls who love to bake

Is baking something you and your besties often bond over? Why not keep each other closer and look like the real squad you are in the kitchen by giving them customized aprons embroidered with each of your first names or initials? The more you’re all in the proper baking uniform, the craftier you’ll be in the kitchen.

17. For the girls who are into guitars

If all of you are into playing all kinds of string instruments, especially guitar, then give your squad members a personalized guitar pick featuring your squad’s name or each of your name’s initials.

Wrapping It Up

This list is only for starters, and there’re still way more ideas out there left for you to discover. When it comes to gifting for your girl squad, the sky’s the limit. You can be as creative as you want, and even daring when customizing your gifts for your girls. If there’s anyone in this world you can easily shop a gift for, it’s your best friends. You know them too well, and you can use anything you know about them to make your gift extra special. So, what are you waiting for? Bring along this list and go shopping now!