Cowboy Core: Street Style Inspiration From The Wild West

Wild West meets glam 21st century.


This year is certainly not disappointing regarding the iconic trends that have happened, and it’s only February. The craze taking the fashion world by storm is currently Cowboy Core. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s time to get your cowgirl booties out and invest in a cowboy hat! Think the Wild West meets the glam 21st century when choosing your items.



So, where did this come from? Well, we can say thank you to Queen Beyoncé for catapulting this viral fashion sensation into style. After releasing her newest track, the singer is in her country era and was seen at the Grammys embodying the trend.



However, Miss Carter is not the only star living for this style moment; Kim Kardashian was also seen getting behind the Western look when spotted with her cowboy hat at the Super Bowl. Bella Hadid, the street-style girl, has also been influenced by her cowboy boyfriend, Adam Banuelos, and has been photographed styled head to toe in clothing ready to hit the barnyard runway.


So, girls, you know what to do: release your inner country self and jump into this iconic craze. I predict seeing this trend take over Coachella and dominate the fashion industry this year throughout the spring/ summer months! Are you bold enough to experiment with the style?