Courtney Love Accuses Olivia Rodrigo Of Plagiarism

The Hole singer draws comparisons to her 1994 album 'Live Through This'.


Courtney Love has taken to Instagram and Facebook to voice her opinion on Olivia Rodrigo’s latest promo pictures for the singer’s Sour Prom concert film. 

Olivia Rodrigo has had one hell of a year. Her debut album Sour has been well received by many and her songs have become inescapable. Yet the singer and her team have been accused of plagiarism by Hole frontwoman Courtney Love.

Love posted Rodrigo’s promotional images for her Sour Prom concert film and compared it to Hole’s 1994 album cover Live Through This. Both images portray a manic-looking prom queen equipped with smeared eyeliner and holding a bouquet of flowers. Love captioned the post “Spot the Difference! #Twinning.” Rodrigo responded to the comment saying, “love u and live through this sooooo much.”


The conversation continued with Love replying to Rodrigo’s comment suggesting the teen singer send her flowers, “Olivia – you’re welcome. My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London! Dm me for deets! I look forward to reading your note!”

Courtney Love also posted the image on Facebook and left several comments about the singer and the alleged plagiarism. “Stealing an original idea and not asking permission is rude. There’s no way to be elegant about it. I’m not angry. It happens all the time to me. But this was bad form.”

This is not the first time that Olivia Rodrigo and her team have faced plagiarism allegations. Recently it has been brought up that cover art for Good 4 u, as well as other themes of Rodrigo’s promotional content, is very similar to that of the band Pom Pom Squad. 

However, many fans are standing in solidarity with Rodrigo as they claim that the ‘prom’ theme has been used a myriad of times and is unjust to call out the singer for plagiarism.


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