What Can We Learn From The Celeb Couples Who Purposefully Match Their Outfits?

It's all about matching fashion and love lessons.


Ever since Justin and Britney unleashed their denim-on-denim red carpet look back in 2001, couples who work together to showcase the latest fashion trends have been a hot topic of conversation and fashion envy. Whether it happens organically or is dictated by a fashion stylist, there’s simply something heartwarming about a couple so committed that they’re willing to collaborate in fashion, as well as life. 

As such, this is a trend that we’ve seen emerging across most of our favorite celeb couples for years now including, iconically, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Posh and Becks, and even Meghan Merkle and Prince Harry. Justin and Hailey Bieber have even taken this matching trend so far that they’ve launched their own loungewear brand. 

But, why do we love it so much when our favourite couples outfit match, and what can we learn from the large amounts of celeb couples now taking advantage of this trend?

# 1 - The couple that dresses together, stays together (sort of)

While Justin and Britney are proof that couples who match their clothes won’t always sail off into the sunset, psychologists do state that fashionable collaboration tends to be a sign of a contented couple. Admittedly, we can’t guarantee that with celebs who may well have been matched by a stylist, but according to fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, this mirroring generally relates to a high level of happiness and contentment within that relationship. Even outside of fashion, couples who mirror one another’s body language and mannerisms tend to be the most in tune, and aware of each other's needs and preferences. 

Of course, none of this is to say that couples who don’t dress alike are inherently unhappy. Dawn also states that there’s a correlation between this mirroring and highly sensitive people. In other words, not every personality type will be tapped into their partner on that same frequency. But, when two sensitive empaths come together, the results can be fashion gold.

# 2 - Everything looks better in pairs

Even in 2001, a full denim outfit was a bold style choice, but Justin and Britney (and later, Katy Perry and Riff Raff) pulled it off seamlessly because their outfits brought out the best in each other. Equally, the Beckham’s iconic matching all-leather ensembles were a brave option that came off as sleek and stylish because there were two of them. Sportswear like tracksuits and polo shirts have also enjoyed a new lease of life thanks to coupled pairings from the Biebers, and even the matching red carpet tracksuits of Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone.

Fashion just looks better when it has a partner to complement it, whether that’s through a matching color across two people’s outfits, or a matching material or specific item. The effort that goes into a perfectly coordinated look can also be great for making typically more casual fashion choices look tailored, sleek, and well-thought-through to ensure suitability for even big occasions like the red carpet. 

# 3 - There’s a line you don’t want to cross

We may all love a matching couple, but there’s a line that you don’t want to cross when pairing fashions with a loved one. Brad Pitt is a prime example of this, with his complete pairings with partners including Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston seeing him emulating everything from his partner’s hair choices to their clothing. Perhaps because of the degree of emulation here, the look goes from being cutely complementary to, dare we say it, a bit creepy.

Psychologists also state that, when you lose yourself so thoroughly in someone else’s style, it can suggest that you’re losing both awareness and your sense of identity. Far from being a quirky sign of a healthy love life, crossing this line could be a precursor for things going wrong pretty sharpish. After all, no one wants to date themselves, and our partner’s style should be complementary, not downright copied!


Couples who pair their styles consciously, and intending to highlight the best that their outfits have to offer, could look great and find themselves coming together in entirely new ways. While you do need to be aware of losing your sense of style, which can actually complement those couple’s outfits if you use it in the right way, you can also have a great deal of fun with this. After all, don’t we all dream of a partner who’s willing to play dress up and flaunt our romance as openly as the Bieber’s?