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Get To Know The Creative Crew Behind Internet Inspired Brands “Cool Shit" & "Hungry Castle”

We Had A Little Chat To The Masterminds Behind The Giant Inflatable Sculpture Of Lionel Richie’s Head


In 2013 Hungry Castle realised the world was missing something. That something was a giant sculpture of Lionel Richie's head. Following the art piece a limited collection of Richie's face on t-shirts was created to fund the exciting kickstarter project and their clothing line "Cool Shit" was born. It all began with a humorous commentary on pop culture and today they're sold at Colette. We had a little chat with the masterminds behind both cartels to dig deeper into the universe they're inspired by:

Describe how you are doing in 3 emojis:

3 is the magic number. 

We'd take 💓💩🤑 any day.

What was the key to your succes?

The secret ingredients for us are keeping it pop and trying not to take ourselves to seriously. It also helps to surround yourself with a crew of talented individuals. Remarkable photographers, incredible artists, next level models, you get where I’m coming from.

How many people are you today?

On a day to day basis we are 4. Soraia, Sara, Ash and Dave. When we travel with the sculptures or shit gets hectic with our artworks we often bring in our international team. Australians, Americans and a few germans for fun.

One thing you did right that changed the game:

Put Lionel Richie’s Head on a t-shirt and sold it on kickstarter. Who does that shit?

What are you working on right now?

We are working a on a new installation of Kanye West and a top top top top secret art car residency for an incredible music festival in the UK called Bestival. Look them up.

Give us insight into your work process:

It’s easy. We find something that makes us smile. Thrash about with the concept on screen until it looks interesting. Share it with our production team and hope to God they can figure out a way to make it. Make a prototype and share it with our influencers and stylists to see if it’s gonna fly. Sell it to shops and start working on the next capsule.

What comes after the post internet aesthetics?

Ask us in 3 - 7 years.

How many people does it take to reinvent Lionel Richie as an inflatable head?

It took 300 people on kickstarter. And two incredible legends Chris and Adam who decided to sleep inside the big noggin. And one next level radio host and festival owner AKA Rob Da Bank for believing in the idea and launching us into his world.

How likely would it be for you to create something similar about Donald Trump?

The benefit of making an inflatable trump would be that you could legitimately blow him up. Whilst that sounds funny, I don’t think he is worthy of a Hungry Castle artwork.

Are we bigger ravers today than we were 20 years ago?

We’re big on the music festivals that’s for sure. I think we really enjoy connecting with large groups of people in an environment that’s a step outside our usual day to day thinking. Escapism at it’s finest.

Finish the sentence “you can’t create cool shit without...:

... 💩💖

Check out the artwork of Hungry Castle HERE, and get freaky in Cool Shit HERE.

Video credits: HUNGRY CASTLE