5 Common Lip Liner Mistakes to Avoid

Haven’t quite mastered the liner? Take a look at these tips.


Lip liner is quite possibly the most overlooked beauty product. When applying properly, it can give the appearance of fuller, more defined lips, as well as altering the shape and enhancing the cupids bow. While the product was a makeup bag staple in the ‘90s, it was soon taken over by all things gloss. Recently, it’s made its way back into the limelight. Don’t believe me? Take a look at SS21 fashion week where Savage x Fenty’s beauty looks stole the show and Christopher John Rogers ‘60s vibes made a statement. Forget lip injections, just follow these steps for an enhanced lip without the expense. 


1.    Using a blunt pencil

Before you even start application, remember to sharpen your liner. If your pencil is too creamy and the line too thick it will inevitably smudge. This will ruin the illusion of having fuller lips and will act as lipstick which makes the step pointless. A harder line will also mean it has a longer staying power, perhaps even kiss proof for those wondering. 


2.    Going too dark

This rookie error is easily fixed. Try and work towards no more than one-two shades darker than your lipstick. Going slightly darker will provide the shadows that make your lips look bigger, but go too dark and you’ll have a Pamela Anderson in the ‘90s look – yikes!


3.    Drawing straight lines 

The idea of the liner is to accentuate your lips natural curves, not completely geometricize them. Follow the outline and don’t overline too much as it can look unnatural, especially as your skin and lips are completely different texture!


4.    Choosing the wrong shade



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Let’s talk hues. This decision is all based around the lipstick you want to wear. Tones of lipsticks are extremely important so always check before application with a swatch. Once you identify whether there’s a cool, neutral or warm tone, you can match the liner accordingly. Mismatching these will result in an uneven blend that won’t look realistic. Practice makes perfect!

5.    Not blending 

The most important step before applying lipstick. Using your finger, carefully buff the liner into your lips always in the direction towards your mouth, never out to the skin. The last thing you want to see is harsh lines that make your lips look disjointed. Blend, blend and blend some more.

Happy lip lining!


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