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Combining Tech and Apparel: 2019's Hottest Gear

Athletic apparel technology and its impact.


When it comes to the latest technology, the newest smartphone or voice-controlled speaker may come to mind. But athletic apparel and snow sports gear? It may come as a surprise, but today’s active clothing is more tech-infused than ever before.

Not in the wires and circuits sense, but with advanced technologies specially designed to reduce head injuries, adapt to changing weather conditions in the great outdoors and which is able to stay dry during any type of physical activity.

Read on to learn more about the latest trends in athletic apparel technology and its impact.

Jackets Designed to Keep You Warm

With the latest advancements in apparel technology, your ability to stay warm in the coldest of conditions is more than possible. For example, insulating technologies have been developed to keep you warm on cool-weather hikes and cozy in subzero temps on the slopes.

Designed to be highly-breathable with a high warmth-to-weight ratio, the Turbodown Wave jacket from Columbia is ideal for layering in moderate to extreme cold conditions. This jacket retains warmth, even during wet conditions. Additionally, its wave construction eliminates cold spots with alternating layers of both down and synthetic insulation.

Other athletic apparel from Columbia such as the Heat Seal Wave jacket provides skiers and snow sports athletes with lightweight warmth in cold and windy conditions while seamlessly increasing heat retention.

Electrochromism Ski Goggles

Goggles might just be the most important accessory you can have while you're on the slopes. And frankly, ski goggles haven’t changed all that much since they were invented, and only minor changes have been made in the decades since. Until recently.

Ski goggle companies have started using a new technology called electrochromism, which is the same technology used to create smart glass. When these materials are introduced to an electric charge, they actually change color. So, what does that mean for skiers? With the push of a button, the tinting of a lens for your goggles can change from light to medium to dark.

Today, companies like Electric and Spy Optics both have versions of these high-tech goggles on the market but with varying features. These lenses are brand new, and like any new technology, it takes time to work out some of the kinks. However, despite some objections about their large battery packs or single-button construction, the advancement of this technology is worth watching.

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System Helmets

While comfort on the mountain is essential, safety is equally if not more important. Today’s helmet technology is designed with comfort in mind. But just because the latest helmets are comfortable doesn’t mean they sacrifice safety. Nowadays you can get even modern helmet to stay connected and be able to answer calls or listen to music hands free.

For example, with lightweight in-mold construction and low profile in-mold designs that combine a polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner, the Smith Code MIPS helmet not only keeps skiers comfortable but also offers superior impact protection.

Features such as Smith’s Aerocore design increases airflow into the helmet and improves temperature regulation. The helmet even offers anti-fog capabilities. Additionally, strategically placed air vents give skiers climate control in virtually all weather conditions.

Technology that Combines Comfort and High Performance

Thanks to the growing trend of tech-infused active clothing, today’s snow sport athletes are no doubt more comfortable and are performing at higher levels than their peers from years and decades earlier. Indeed, these new technologies are keeping up with the pace, all while keeping skiers safe and comfortable on the mountain.


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