Cold Cream - Your Grandma’s Favorite Beauty Product Just Got Majorly Modern

Say hello to multipurpose magic.


When it comes to skincare, cold cream is about as old-school as it gets; it’s likely you’ve heard of the iconic Pond’s Cold Cream, which burst onto the scene back in 1914. But now the historic beauty staple has been given a modern makeover. Lockdown has definitely highlighted the importance of good skincare, and while we may no longer have the time to perform a full facial, we’re still on the lookout for products that get the job done in the luxe-iest way possible. 

The Seated Queen 

The Seated Queen’s Cold Cream is gloriously versatile and works to replenish, smooth and plump dehydrated skin. Created by sisters Josephine, a qualified facial massage therapist, and Libby Banks, a lifestyle editor, The Seated Queen is an independent British skincare brand who make soothing skincare that is tailored to replenish skin at night.  

“Good things happen to our mind + body while we sleep, from memory consolidation to muscle repair. Sleep also promotes skin reparation + regeneration. This process increases between 11pm + 4am as the body follows its circadian rhythm. This is why we create products for night-time rituals,” say the sisters on The Seated Queen’s website

The brand’s namesake, The Seated Queen, refers to the star constellation of Cassiopeia – a vain queen in Greek mythology who boasted of her unrivalled beauty. The traditional cold cream formula has been slightly tweaked to suit our modern lifestyle and the addition of The Seated Queen’s chic, minimal brand aesthetic means our faces can’t get enough of it. 

But maybe you’re still wondering “what actually IS cold cream?” Well, let us explain… 

What Is Cold Cream? 

Cold cream is like a heavy moisturizer, so is perfect for anyone looking to boost their skin’s hydration. Usually formulated with a mix of waxes and oils, cold cream is inherently multifunctional and can be used as a cleanser, face mask, or makeup remover. Its characteristically cool-to-the-touch formula makes it perfect for that post-facial-feeling and its multifunctional nature makes it ideal for the more minimal approach to skincare. 

Shop The Seated Queen Cold Cream here for £39 (approx. $50)  


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