Clowncore Is The Next Big Fashion Trend

Fancy running away to the circus?


Love them or hate them, clowns are becoming the newest aesthetic on TikTok. This app has boosted many subcultures into the spotlight over the past year, for example e-girls and cottagecore, so naturally it’s where the freshest trends start appearing. Clowncore is an aesthetic that is full of color, pattern and fun – no need to be scared at all.

Some suggest Clowncore has derived from the e-girl look, however veterans of the look would disagree. The look tends to include rainbows, stickers, pompoms and graphic prints. For those scared of clowns, fear not, the look is more of an explosion of color than Pennywise. If you’re a Tiktok user you may have already come across a Clowncore video on your feed, they’re hard to miss! 
So many trends have made their way into the spotlight this year, especially through TikTok, and who is surprised? When all we can do is scroll for hours instead of achieving face-to-face connections, no wonder hyper-expressive trends are here. The avant-garde energy of Clowncore fits 2020 perfectly, it encapsulates self expression and the need for fun too. Why not try it for yourself? 

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