Cinnamon Lip Plumping Hack Goes Viral on TikTok

Want to achieve the best lip plump in town? Cinnamon could be the answer.


From bottle top lids to wasabi, we really have gone crazy for plumped lips and the latest trend is no different. Found in everyone’s kitchen cupboard, cinnamon is the new ingredient being used by Tiktokers to enhance their pout. But does it actually work?

Enlarged lips is all the rage at the moment, ever since Kylie Jenner became renowned for her killer pout back in 2016, everyone wanted fuller lips. Today holds a similar desire, except many of us are looking for a cheaper, needle-free fix. Some of the best lip plumping glosses can reach $30.00, take the famous Too Faced Lip Injection, and they still don’t satisfy us fully. While searching our houses for makeshift objects to use can be fun, none of them have provided an adequate solution. 

Now Titkokers have discovered the power of cinnamon, and as something we’re most likely to have at home, it won't make a dent in our bank accounts. Could this be a game changer? 

Believe it or not, the trusty cinnamon hack for fuller lips isn’t a new invention, it’s been around for a while, and it really does have a visible plumping effect. It actually works by irritating the lips, causing blood to rush to the surface, which makes them appear puffy.  

Over the last few weeks, Brittany Miller has been sharing the hack with her 52.7k followers as she mixes cinnamon powder with cinnamon oil and applies directly to the lips. The consistency is similar to that of a lip scrub and is left on for no longer than five minutes. Miller claims the results can last up to six hours and even “improve lip size over time if you do it regularly”. 



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While this method has the best results, it can seriously sting so remember to do a patch test prior to application. If you’re looking for a less powerful sensation, mix cinnamon oil in with a clear lip gloss, Miller recommends the Vaseline Glossy Shot

Happy lip plumping!


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