How To Chill The Fuck Out About Texting Your Crush

Our top 5 tips to keep it chill when you're going in for the kill.


Yes! You got that hottie's number. It may have taken your cheesiest pick-up line, five nerve-calming beers or some FBI-level Facebook sleuth work, but you got it. Now, time to get working on that crush: the hard work – I mean, fun – has only just begun.

Let's be real here, you're probably finding it hard to hide your excitement for this guy. You can't stop thinking about his intense eyes or that sexy smile, maybe you're even fantasizing about your wedding night – girl, we've all been there. But excitement can very easily slip into nervousness when your man-hungry brain overwhelms you with questions: Should I text him back straight away or will I come off too keen? Should I play hard-to-get and barely text him back at all? Easy or hard on the emojis? Is there a mathematician on this GOD-FORSAKEN EARTH who could work out a fail-safe texting-back formula?

Alright, chill da fuq down – this is the whole reason you came to this article, right? Unfortunately, you cannot simply multiply how many minutes it takes him to respond by the amount of times you have legit paddled the pink canoe for him and divide it by three. Just follow these simple steps and he'll soon be exactly where you want him.


Remember you're the bomb

Okay, he's pretty dreamy, but so are you. Scrap this I-am-not-worthy attitude and remember how lucky this guy is to be hitting your DMs, let alone anything more. Flip the script a bit: when you truly know your value, he'll know it too. Imagine there's a group of guys (can we call that a gaggle, just for the LOLs?) all vying for your attention – who knows, maybe there is – and act accordingly. Never let texting get in the way of your YOU time.


Get the timing right

Believe it or not, there is a sweet spot with texting-back game. When you get a text from your crush, don't wait too long to reply, but don't text back straight away either. Most importantly, though, don't stress it too much. It's just a text, after all, it's not like you're fighting with your conscience about whether or not to bid on those 100 dollar shoes in the last 30 seconds of the Ebay auction.


Keep it short and sweet

You might have absolutely loadddsss to talk about with your new crush – you could easily be up all night chatting about the ins and outs of all the things you have in common – but don't message so much that you're left with nothing to talk about when you make that crucial in-the-flesh meet-up. In the texting game, less keeps him wanting more. And it's definitely best to meet up with him sooner rather than later so you know what you're working with.


Be yourself

If you can't be yourself when you're talking to a potential future BF, then what's the point? Don't go googling flirty lines or asking your best mate to dictate every word for you. Being confidently yourself is sexy as hell – don't forget it.


Show him you know him

Chances are you'll know a thing or two about him. Perhaps he fancies himself as a bit of a beer connoisseur, maybe he's always got his head in a book. Text him and ask him what he'd recommend. Not only will it make him feel appreciated, but it's a great way to open interesting discussions about your mutual interests.