Cheap Monday Launches Recycle Or Die – A Retro Game About The Importance Of Recycling

Cheap Monday Launches Recycle Or Die – A Retro Game About The Importance Of Recycling

It’s time to rediscover those arcade skills.


On the 9th of October Cheap Monday launched a retro computer game that highlights the importance of recycling in the fashion industry under the name ‘Recycle or Die!’

The game is a major throwback, with referencing to the arcade games we all loved in the 90s. The games in-house team made the graphics and music, after previously putting their graphic skills to use on a game called ‘Hot Dog Mania’.

The main character in the game is ‘skully’ the Cheap Monday skull logo who is trying to collect old socks while being chased by 4 enemies who are trying to stop his efforts of recycling. The game speeds up as the play goes on, until the player runs out of their three lives.

The game is free to play online,  and for good reason, as aside from being a fun event for Cheap Monday fans it raises important points about recycling. The fashion industry is an extremely wasteful and at times unethical industry, and this game gives players quick facts about textile recycling as they play – raising awareness about the role we all need to take on to look after our planet.  As the game says – ‘if we don’t recycle, we’re trash!’.

This game didn’t come from nowhere; Cheap Monday’s latest clothing range focuses on using sustainable materials and reusing work wear to make new garments, and in a competition running from October 9th-22nd one winner gets to choose a head to toe look from the collection.  You can enter by playing the game, and shop the collection online or in Cheap Monday stores.