Channel Your Inner Eco-Warrior During Earth Month With These Fab Clean Beauty Brands

Treating yourself to save the planet is a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it!


For most of us, watching our electricity consumption, taking the bus or recycling are the key players in our bid to save the planet. But what if we told you that a clean beauty routine can be just as important? 

Eco-friendly beauty brands have been popping up more and more in recent years as our collective attitude towards helping the planet shifts, but it is hard to know which ones to trust, it’s an intense game of hit or miss and your skin is in the firing line.

One thing we can say is that the majority of us don’t know about half of the mystery ingredients that sit on your skin all day long and soak in at night, without an understanding of these you can end up with some pretty damaging effects in the future.

So this Earth Month let’s make a promise to try and swap out for a cleaner alternative without the toxins, for the sake of our planet and your skin! We’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up some of our favorite clean beauty brands for you to check out, no excuses now!



Made in small batches with the only the finest organic & natural ingredients, the ‘eco-luxe’ vibe this brand gives off is real & true. Don’t be put off by the higher price tag, you know this will 100% be worth the investment, we love the ‘Expressionist Volumizing Mascara’.⁠

Shop it here for $19.99


Kjaer Weis

A god amongst clean beauty, their make up uses high quality, naturally sourced ingredients, with most of their products coming in refillable & recyclable packaging! A total winner right here, we recommend their stunning lip tints.

Shop it here for $27.36


Tata Harper

Creating clean skincare before it was cool, free from synthetics or toxins with only the best in natural and holistic ingredients in their products and it’s cruelty-free! Check out their Clarifying Cleanser to help with those breakouts.

Shop it here for $79.00


Henry Rose

Michelle Pfeiffer is the brains behind our next in line clean beauty brand, using only natural ingredients in their amazing fragrances! What you spray on your skin is just as important and this brand has the natural scent game on lock, we suggest ‘Torn’ with lush vanilla & earthy notes.

Shop it here for $120.00



Rising to natural beauty fame with their line of four non-foaming cleansers for daily use to help skin retain its natural oils. The founders of HoliFrog know a thing or two about gentle skincare, try their Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash if you’ve already stocked up on cleaners!

Shop it here for $40.00



Don’t forget your hair too my friends, this is where Playa comes in! With a range of products to help celebrate and enhance your natural hair texture. You can be sure this natural brand will allow your locks to get the nourishment they need without those nasty parabens, we recommend their Ritual Hair Oil.

Shop it here for $38.00



Vegan, organic, cruelty-free, need we say more? Pai skincare is another big player in the world of clean beauty, blessing us with a range of incredible skincare to choose from without all the nasties, their Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is a cult fav!

Shop it here for $50.10


Each & Every

Most people are unaware of the number of chemicals in your average spray-on deodorant, something we usually put on right after a shower with those pores wide open, it can be one of the worst, especially all that aluminum! So it’s time to reach for Each & Every, their all-natural deodorant will give you the protection you need and the fresh smell you deserve, try their Lavender & Lemon scent!

Shop it here for $15.00



A stunning collection of seaweed bases skincare, osea is another big brand in the clean beauty world. Going since ‘96, they have been harnessing the power of the sea in their products ever since we recommend the Black Algae Flash Mask.

Shop it here for $48.00


True Botanicals

Last but certainly not least, True Botanicals really does what it says on the tin. Powered by sustainable & natural ingredients, this beauty brand offers a huge range of products from skincare to haircare, as well as aromatherapy! We suggest trying their Pure Radiance Oil.

Shop it here for $110.00


Now eco-warrior, go forth with this wealth of natural knowledge and give your skin the products it deserves, whilst giving the planet the help it needs!


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