Girls Aloud Star Sarah Harding Passes Away Aged 39

Speaking to all females – ensure that you monitor your breast health.


 The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2020 and has sadly died at the tender age of 39. Harding had been told earlier this year that she would not see another Christmas, following devastating news that the cancer had spread.  
Sarah’s mum, Marie Harding, has referred to her daughter as a “bright shining star” - confirming on Instagram that the star had “slipped away peacefully” on Sunday morning.   

Fellow band mate, Cheryl, paid her respects in an Instagram post, writing “we were like an extended family for so long” adding that Sarah’s death has left her “lost for words”. Nicola Roberts also shared her grief via social media, stating that she’s “absolutely devastated” and her “heart is aching”.   
Having shot to fame in 2002, after competing in Popstars: The Rivals - Harding became part of the iconic girl group, Girls Aloud, which took the music industry by storm for over 10 years.  
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with women over 50 being most affected. However, Sarah’s death has highlighted the fact that younger women are also at risk of contracting the illness. In her autobiography titled “Hear Me Out”, Harding confesses that she initially put off seeking medical advice, after discovering lumps under her arm, back in December 2019.  
According to experts, the most crucial sign to look out for is any kind of change in the breast, that is abnormal for you. The key is to check your breasts regularly and get checked out immediately if you spot anything suspicious.  
When detected in its early stages, breast cancer can be treated and cured effectively. In light of Sarah Harding’s tragic passing, we can only hope that it raises awareness, encouraging more women to monitor their breasts as diligently as possible.  


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