Where To Buy Recreational Weed In California Now That It's Fully Legal

Get fifty shades of blazed.


Something to brighten your January blues (if you're in California, at least): retail marijuana shops in the state opened their doors for the first time on January 1, kicking off what is anticipated to become the world's largest market for legalized recreational marijuana.

Recreational weed has technically been legal in California since 2016, but until now you couldn't formally buy it in a store, the way you would buy booze and ciggies, unless you had a medical card. The new full legislation makes California the sixth state to introduce the sale of recreational marijuana, after Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada. Great, let's have a space cake to celebrate!

If you're chomping at the bit for the novelty of no longer having to buy weed on street corners – and all of the dope new marijuana-based products, of course – the good folk at Kush Tourism have put together a handy map of all of the retail dispensaries in California, and it turns out there's already quite a lot. We smell a challenge.

View the map here and have fun getting fifty shades of blazed.

Last but not least, people now not only can buy marijuana from retail stores but also seeds from online dispensaries to grow on their own.


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