Cannabis Feminist: The Budding Wellness Brand Baking Up A Female Future

Don't pretend you don't love the weed puns, guys.


When the Cannabis Consumer Coalition (CCC) released a new report back in May showing that more women are smoking pot than previously thought – more than men, in fact – it was pretty clear where the weed market was headed. I mean, there's even a “ladies only” strain, not to mention cannabis cotton candy and marijuana-infused sugar cubes to sweeten your afternoon tea. That's just how we roll.

Jessica Assaf, Founder of Cannabis Feminist

Cannabis Feminist is L.A.'s hot new all-girls ganja group: a womanmade brand repositioning cannabis as a universal wellness product. The group run cannabis women's circles everywhere from Venice to Hollywood where women come together to puff and pass various strains to get better acquainted with the plant and discover different cannabis products, such as topicals, flower, vapes or edibles.

But more than just a Mary Jane meet-up, Cannabis Feminist is lighting up a women-run weed empire, recruiting women to represent their favorite brands and sell them to their friends and communities – like the weed market's dank answer to the Avon lady. They call this the Bake Sale: “the new and improved tupperware party for best-in-class cannabis and wellness products” – which we're guessing will end much better than those space cakes you cooked up for your mate's birthday party.


The new #cannabis culture.

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"A cannabis feminist is someone who wants to celebrate the cannabis plant, who wants to find gender equality in the industry and within the plant itself," Jackie Mostny, head of partnerships at Cannabis Feminist, tells LA Weekly. And let's not forget that the only plants that'll make you high are female.

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