Canada Election: Trudeau Wins Third Term

Critics say the poll was a waste of time.


Justin Trudeau has won a third term as Canada’s prime minister, with his Liberal party set to gain the most seats in the snap election. Trudeau has called this a “clear mandate” to get Canada through the pandemic.

Trudeau’s Liberal party is expected to remain as a minority government, meaning that he will need to work with other parties to pass legislation.

Preliminary results showed that the Liberal party has won and were leading in 156 seats. One hundred seventy seats would be needed for a parliamentary majority. The opposition Conservative party with Erin O’Toole gained 121 seats. The results were similar to the outcome of the 2019 election.

Trudeau said on Tuesday morning, that “I hear you when you say you want to get back to the things you love, not to worry about the pandemic or the election.” He further acknowledged the decision to hold an early election was an unpopular move, “You have given this government and this parliament clear direction.”


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The snap election call sent Canadians to the polls for the second time in two years. This move was widely seen as a bid by Mr Trudeau to secure a majority. 

Rival parties have accused the prime minister of conducting a “vanity project” during a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

O’Toole called the election a “quick power grab” on Tuesday. 

O'Toole continued, that “Five weeks ago, Mr Trudeau asked for a majority. Tonight, Canadians did not give Mr Trudeau the majority mandate he wanted. In fact, Canadians sent him back with another minority at the cost of $600m dollars.” 

Mr Trudeau insisted that the election gave the incoming government a clear mandate in moving forward. However, Trudeau has also faced controversies, as instances of him wearing blackface and brownface have resurfaced in the election campaign. Also, he was heckled by anti-vaccine proctors on the campaign trail.

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