Burgerheart x Green: The Green Burger Challenge

Satisfy your cravings.


Eating burgers is a down-to-earth, equally meaningful thing. It's about finding the most delicious burger together with good friends or family to satisfy your cravings, and then feeling really good with sauce on your face - or alternatively on your t-shirt. In Germany, that's exactly what Burgerheart delivers in 17 cities, where a concentrated selection of compositions are ready and waiting in a relaxed ambience to fire up the ravenous appetite once again.

Burgerheart starts the Green Burger Challenge

At Burgerheart, they know exactly how to satisfy cravings and ravenous appetites - with burgers from the grill served with homemade lemonades and Canadian fries. Founders Mischa Steigerwald and Daniel Soriano Martinez are just as enthusiastic about ethical consumption - and especially about the fine selection of Green Burgers, which are vegetarian and vegan, for example with kale-hemp, tender wheat-red lentil, wheat protein or sweet potato-kidney bean patties.

Fun Fact: Co-founder Mischa from Burgerheart has been a vegetarian for over 20 years and has never tried the burger meat himself. Burgerbuddy and co-founder Daniel has also preferred a vegetarian diet for some time now.

Now the drumbeat is on for green burgers. In doing so, Burgerheart creates plenty of incentives to try the meatless and plant-based compositions on offer. It's a culinary challenge to re-educate your tastebuds to a more ethical consumption.

“Burgerheart is my new Green Buddy”


Review of Abbas Saberi, regular at Burgerheart:

“Juicy beef. Sauces, homemade with the intention of transporting the taste from the lips deep into the throat. Lemonades, fruity like ginger in sushi, to cleanse the taste buds and nuke them for the next bite. Fries, steaming and crispy, studded with bacon cubes and marinated tomatoes, grab the rest of the taste from the mouth and bring it where it should go: into the stomach, which sits down contentedly and says: Yes, here I am at home! Already after the first bite you know, BURGERHEART wants the customer to be the best representative.

Just as the homemade lemonade is slurped up, the glass straw falls clinking back into the glass, the next burger reaches the table. The aroma of a thousand barbecues is concentrated between two halves of a brioche bun, which you can see have been made by hand, this dough has not been kneaded - it has been massaged. But what this bun is made of is different. For a moment, my heart throbs heavily. Is it sin that I am committing? Can it be wrong for a tender wheat and red lentil patty to feel so good? A non-meat on my plate? A tear rolls down my cheek. How could I have been so wrong? I hesitate briefly to pull my phone out of my pocket, but I have to - a hearty bite into my L.A. Chili Cheese, the look of a contented infant at Mother Nature's teat, the click of the camera app. I post on Insta #greenburgerheart.

Me, along with a veggie burger in a picture that my veggie friends may yet experience. Sweet potato kidney bean patty, Taste-Like-Meat patty I read on the menu as I realise I'll be back. Caramelised feta cheese, cranberries, carrot salad - ingredients I didn't even know were allowed on burgers presented themselves in concoctions that you could tell were connoisseurs at work here. People who are uncompromising when it comes to making others full and happy.

Ode to Joy plays in my head as I sit back and let the ambience of the BURGERHEART restaurant take effect on me and my spoon scrapes the last of the Lava Chocolate Cake off my plate. I'll be back.”

We love the kick-off of the #greenburgerheart challenge, and are excited to soon scroll through your veggie and vegan burger creations under this hashtag worldwide.