Ma’Khia Bryant’s Life Is Remembered Through Her TikTok Videos

Ma’Khia Bryant’s TikToks Circulate The Internet As People Mourn The Death Of Another Innocent Child.


Ma’Khia Bryant was shot and killed by Columbus police officer, Nicholas Reardon, on Tuesday afternoon. The fatal shooting took place after a 911 call was placed about an attempted stabbing at the foster home Bryant was living in.

The incident, caught on Reardon’s body camera, was further publicized by the unexpected decision to release a fragment of the footage to the media, ostensibly an attempt by the Columbus Police Department to begin defending the actions of their officer. The video had the opposite effect, however, as people began questioning the desensitization of police when it comes to shooting children.

“The video shows there is more to this,” said Ned Pettus Jr., the city’s public safety director, during a news conference this Wednesday. “It requires us to pause, take a close look at the sequence of events,” said Pettus Jr.

In response to the footage and to some of the statements made by people in places of authority, people on Twitter and other social media outlets have begun sharing videos of Bryant’s TikToks in the hopes of keeping her memory alive and spreading her youthful essence.

“What a beautiful baby girl with a beautiful, bright, kind soul she had,” said one Twitter user, sharing a TikTok video of Bryant dancing with a smile on her face.

“Ma’Khia Bryant called for help and they murdered her. A literal child,” said another Twitter user.

Another person shared an entire thread of videos from Bryant’s TikTok account. “She loved doing her hair,” said the Twitter user. “It’s important to remember her doing what she loved. Rest easy Ma’Khia.”

Bryant’s death coincided with Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd, happening only minutes before the verdict. This occurrence renewed the grief and sorrow of a black community constantly mourning lives. A moment of partial justice overshadowed by the reality of overwhelming tragedy and injustice.