Brooke Candy's New Merch Line “Sucks” So Bad

There's still time to get your hands on a condom pin (don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds.)


Badass Californian sensation Brooke Candy just launched her own merch store and the offerings are just as colorful as you'd expect. The “Candy Face” tees, which she told Hypebae were “inspired by an old Grace Jones merch tee” are modeled by Brooke's best punk band, stripper and drag queen friends – “a community of fans, friends and freaks who don't identify with the norm.”

The punchy pink, black and white collection also features sweatshirts, caps, and pins with the awesomely self-deprecating text motif “Brooke Candy sucks.” Most of the collection has already sold out though, so while you're holding out for a restock of those iconic tees, you can still get your mits on the pins. We're voting she adds actual condoms to the line because that condom pin is just too good.

Get yours at and read the full interview here.

Photographer: WARD ROBINSON

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